Pan-African Colours

The Ripple Effect Circle recognizes the importance of symbols and how they can shape important meanings and messages. We launched our coalition on Canada Day, July 1, 2021, with the intention and purpose of reinforcing the importance of our shared, inclusive Canadian values which in their truest sense reject any acts of hate, discrimination or anti-Black racism. 

We chose the Pan-African colours represented with our Canadian flag to reinforce our message. Although the meaning of the individual colours may differ slightly from the Pan-African colours they generally have similar meaning with green representing the unique nature of the African continent having fertile agricultural lands, red representing the blood, and common experience of Africans in the ongoing fight against oppression from colonialism and racism, yellow/gold representing the wealth of Africa, and finally, Black which represents the colour of African people.

Click here to learn more about the evolution of the colours of Africa, what they mean and how they have been adopted in flags around the world.